Friday, February 1, 2013

Maryland Winter Seafood - Oysters - Perch

A variety of local seafood is available in Maryland during the winter season. Oysters are available in many areas, either shucked or in the shell.

Several species of fresh fish are also available in seafood markets and restaurants. One of the most sought-after species of locally harvested fish is the yellow perch. Yellow perch harvests began in January, and end when the commercial quota is achieved in late February or early March. White perch are also available in Maryland seafood markets during the winter.

Both types of perch are small in size but are highly regarded for their mild, sweet flavor. In addition to yielding fillets, female perch often contain roe (fish eggs). Perch roe is considered a local delicacy. Roe is usually prepared by rolling in flour and frying or fresh roe can be mixed with poultry eggs and served scrambled.

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