Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things To Do in Maryland - Cypress Swamp Kayaking

One popular outdoor activity in Maryland is to explore some of the state's unique ecosystems. In the swamps of Maryland, bald cypress trees provide vital structure, holding soil and providing shelter for hundreds of plants and animals.

Although difficult to visit by land, bald cypress swamps usually have water access by kayak, canoe or small boat. Cypress swamps are favorite destinations of nature lovers, birdwatchers, photographers and anglers.

One of the many unusual sights in these swamps are cypress knees. These odd looking formations are part of the bald cypress root system, helping to anchor trees in the mud.

Pristine cypress swamps occur in Maryland along tidal and non-tidal stretches of rivers including the Nanticoke, Wicomico and Pocomoke. These rivers and their tributary creeks are recognizable by their dark color, a result of the tannic acid produced by cypress trees.

Local guides and outfitters offer a wide range or tours, boat rentals and other services. To enjoy some of Maryland's best largemouth bass fishing, Captain Bruce Wootten offers Pocomoke River largemouth bass fishing and a host of other cypress swamp boat trips..

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