Sunday, August 8, 2010

Maryland Fall Surf Fishing - Spot, Croaker and Kingfish

As Summer nears its end, Maryland beaches begin to thin and surf fishermen begin their fall fishing season. Spot, croaker and kingfish are among the most common fish in Maryland's surf during the early fall.

Each of these fish are known to school up and feed heavily before moving farther into the ocean for the winter. Surf fishermen in Maryland sometimes experience excellent fall fishing for these 3 species.

As the runs of fish peak, a larger class of spot arrive, known for their bronze or yellow coloring. Spot, croaker and kingfish catches usually remain consistent until hurricanes or Noreasters pass thru. During the fall runs, spot, croaker and kingfish are joined by flounder, bluefish, sea trout, rockfish and others.

Fishing for these species is easy; fishermen need only a basic surf rod and reel in good condition. Tackle is basic, consisting of top and bottom float rigs and baits such as bloodworms, squid strips, pieces of shrimp, one of the processed bait products that do not need to be kept cold.

Anglers fish where ever beach access is available. Much of the fishing occurs on Assateague Island, where beach access is available to the public. For surf fishermen, the fall runs are one of the highlights of Maryland saltwater fishing.

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