Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Overview of Maryland

Maryland is a great state to visit. The state is very diverse. The middle of the state is the most populated, with Baltimore, Annapolis and the other metropolitan areas.

To the west is the Garret and Allegany counties, known for its beauty, woodlands, lakes, streams and rocky terrain.

Moving east, visitors find gentle hills and open grasslands in areas like Hagerstown and Frederick. This area has seen tremendous population growth in the last few decades.

 Southern Maryland is more relaxed, with a mix of developments, small towns, marinas and farms.

The eastern shore of Maryland is quite different, with farming, commercial  fishing and tourism. Beaches, wildlife and lure of the Chesapeake Bay make the eastern shore a favorite vacation destination. Like other areas of Maryland, the eastern shore has seen tremendous growth and development, much of which has strained the natural environment. Still the area is considered to be Paradise by many of its residents.

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