Friday, October 2, 2015

Maryland Fall Foliage 2015

Fall foliage has begun to appear across parts of Maryland, according to the Maryland Office of Tourism and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fall Foliage & Festival Hotline.

Some of the earliest displays of fall foliage can be found in western Maryland. Traditionally, foliage in Garrett County begins to turn around the end of September and peaks around mid-October.

Maryland's fall foliage hues usually vary from year to year, depending on Autumn temperatures, rainfall, storms, and other factors.

During the Fall season, trees release a chemical called phytochrome, which slows down chlorophyll production in preparation for winter dormancy. As the green chlorophyll recedes, foliage changes color.

The amount and acidity of tree sap also affects foliage colors. Strongly acidic sap leads to red and other brightly-colored foliage, while less acidic sap produces more yellows or softer tones.

Fall Foliage Colors


Ash, White
Birch, Rive
Birch, Sweet
Buckeye, Ohio
Coffeetree, Kentucky
Cottonwood, Eastern
Elder, Box
Elm, American
Hazel Nut
Hickory, Mockernut
Hickory, Pignut
Hickory, Shagbark
Hickory, Shellbark
Hophornbeam, Eastern
Locust, Black
Locust, Honey
Maple, Silver
Oak, Chestnut
Redbud, Eastern
Shad Bush
Walnut, Black
Walnut, White
Willow, Black

Reds - Pinks - Oranges

Gum, Black
Oak, Northern Red
Oak, Pin
Oak, Scarlet
Oak, Southern Red
Oak, Swamp Chestnut


Oak, Bur
Oak, Post
Oak, Shingle
Oak, Swamp White

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